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British Water, the leading trade association representing the UK water industry, partnered with Grow Green to revamp its brand identity. The previous branding was outdated and inconsistent, which undermined the associations’ credibility.

Tapping into the brand’s heritage, we improved the identity, resulting in a modern and consistent visual identity, including a new logo and website redesign.

Our deep dive

We always want to get to know our clients. Inside and Out. That’s why we begin each project with an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs.

For British Water, we held weekly meetings with their teams to understand their goals and desires. Together we created their mission statement and brand personality.

BW voice


Sometimes, defining your identity can be hard. And putting it down on paper can seem impossible. With British Water we broke through mental barriers with a series of branding exercises. This helped us to identify the direction to take.

An example involved asking the team which supermarket they felt best represented their desired brand identity. Their response was Waitrose. Which helped us understand the look and feel they were aiming for. A brand that is high-end, sophisticated, and proudly British. However, they also wanted to be approachable and down-to-earth, reflecting their friendly and inclusive values.


British water logo

We created a new logo that embodies the colours of the Union flag and its diagonal stripes, while also incorporating raindrops into the font lines. The final result is a unique and memorable logo that represents the water industry, with sleek and modern lines that convey a high-end look and feel. The logo also nods to British identity, giving British Water a strong sense of national pride.


British water website

As part of the project we helped update the British Water website, which was outdated and difficult to use both internally and externally. Creating new pages and posts was a tedious task, and the overall design did not reflect the organisation’s values. 

To improve the user experience, we rebranded the site using the new logo as the basis and incorporating its colours to create a sleek and modern look. The new design prioritises UI, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need, while also reflecting British Water’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Streamlined marketing

To simplify the process of creating new pages and posts, we developed templates that are easy to use and consistent with the new website design. These templates ensure that all content is on-brand and meets the organisation’s standards for quality and accessibility.

In addition to updating the website, we updated British Water’s marketing and digital assets to align with the organisation’s new branding. We developed templates that allow the team to easily create marketing materials, ensuring that all content is on-brand and consistent.These assets include social media graphics, email templates, and other digital materials that can be used everywhere.


As a trade association, British Water hosts events all year round. As part of our partnership we supported the organisation by creating marketing materials to support their goals.

We’ve designed event booklets, merchandise, and exhibition stands in collaboration with the Department of International Trade in Singapore, Oman, Qatar, and the UK. Effectively communicating key messaging and information to event attendees.

British Water exhibition

For British Water’s annual event Grow Green’s graphics were in lights. Appearing at the London Stadium.

BW - west ham

The events were an amazing success. Leaving a lasting impression on attendees and helping British Water make a splash!

What does it all mean?

Grow Green has successfully implemented British Water’s rebrand, creating a modernised brand identity that has increased the organisation’s credibility. The updated website is now easier to use and has allowed British Water to establish a stronger brand presence in the water industry.

With the new branding materials and marketing templates, British Water now has a consistent and cohesive look and feel across all their digital and physical assets. This has helped to strengthen their brand recognition and reputation.

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