Grow Green Good News 6/2/2023

Welcome to Grow Green Good News, where we present to you a compilation of uplifting stories focused on sustainability and positive environmental developments.

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Robo-Jellyfish Make a Splash in Ocean Cleanup Revolution

Scientists in Germany, hailing from the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, have made a groundbreaking leap in the fight against plastic pollution in our precious marine ecosystems. Their latest innovation takes the form of remarkable robot jellyfish, designed to mimic nature’s graceful creatures while undertaking the crucial task of cleaning up our oceans.

Source: Happy Eco News

Spain Sets New Milestone in Renewable Energy Transformation

Spain, at the forefront of the global renewable energy movement, has achieved an extraordinary milestone that exemplifies its commitment to a sustainable future. In an impressive feat, the combined forces of wind, solar, and hydro power met the entire energy demand of mainland Spain for a significant stretch of time. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the nation reveled in the uninterrupted supply of clean and eco-friendly energy, underscoring Spain’s remarkable strides in leading the charge towards a greener, more resilient world.

Source: Insider

Cute Pine marten resurges in Northern Ireland

A recent survey has brought forth thrilling news as it indicates a nearly twofold increase in the presence of pine martens across Northern Ireland over a span of five years. The survey reveals a significant expansion beyond their historical stronghold in County Fermanagh, with pine martens now making their home in all six counties. Recognized as one of Northern Ireland’s rarest native mammals, these cat-sized carnivores, closely related to the stoat, have demonstrated a remarkable resurgence in their population, marking a positive conservation success story for the region.

Source: BBC

Mars Bar switches from plastic packaging to paper

Mars Incorporated, the renowned confectionery manufacturer, is embarking on a trial phase to test recyclable paper packaging for a limited duration. Starting from Monday, these paper-packaged bars will be accessible at 500 Tesco stores. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to exploring various packaging alternatives and assessing their practicality in real-world scenarios. By venturing into sustainable packaging options, Mars Incorporated aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts in reducing environmental impact.

Source: Gurdian

Premier Inn Embraces Heat Pump Technology, Replacing Gas Systems Across Hotel ESTATE

Premier Inn Commits to Heat Pump Adoption, Phasing Out Gas Usage Across Hotel Portfolio. The comprehensive transition strategy of Premier Inn is in line with the stringent net-zero standard set by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). This initiative necessitates businesses to achieve a 90% reduction in emissions across all scopes by 2050 at the latest. Whitbread, the parent company of Premier Inn, has established its own ambitious targets, aiming for a net-zero deadline of 2040 for direct (Scope 1) and power-related (Scope 2) emissions, while aiming to achieve net-zero for indirect emissions (Scope 3) by 2050. By embracing heat pumps and eliminating reliance on gas, Premier Inn takes a significant step towards achieving its sustainability objectives and contributing to global emission reduction efforts.

Source: Edie

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