Grow Green Good News 5/26/2023

Welcome to the first edition of Grow Green Good News, where we present to you a compilation of uplifting stories focused on sustainability and positive environmental developments.

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Wind is main source of UK electricity for first time

Wind turbines have generated more electricity than gas for the first time in the UK.

In the first three months of this year a third of the country’s electricity came from wind farms, research from Imperial College London has shown.

Source: BBC

Butterfly Populations Grew by 200% Higher in People’s Gardens than in Other Habitats

A new report reveals that butterflies in Britain are making a comeback, thanks to the wonderful gardens maintained by Britons. In fact, for the first time, researchers focused on butterfly trends specifically in UK gardens and found that half of the 22 butterfly species surveyed were thriving and multiplying faster in these garden havens compared to the wider countryside.

Source: Good News Network

Half a million trees planted in honour — and in memory — of The Queen

Thanks to the Woodland Trust’s Platinum Woods scheme, over 1,000 acres of woodland comprising more than 500,000 trees are set to be created throughout the United Kingdom. In collaboration with The Queen’s Green Canopy, this remarkable initiative was launched in 2022 to coincide with and commemorate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Source: Country Life

Ed Sheeran’s Rewilding: Transforming Estates

Ed Sheeran remains dedicated to his mission of actively engaging in rewilding initiatives in the United Kingdom. Renowned for his passion for wildlife and the environment, Sheeran is committed to acquiring as much land as he can to plant trees and make a substantial contribution to the rewilding movement. His efforts reflect his deep love for nature and his desire to make a positive impact on the ecological restoration of the UK.

Source: Happy Eco News

Deep Sea Coral Reef Discovery Boosting Hopes for Marine Conservation

The recent identification of an untouched deep-sea coral reef within the Galapagos Marine Reserve, located off the shores of Ecuador, serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of creating marine protected areas. This exciting discovery not only underscores the importance of preserving these habitats but also offers a valuable research opportunity for scientists to further explore and study this pristine ecosystem.

Source: Happy Eco News

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